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What is Imagine That?

In 2005 a group of artists in Midland, Michigan, formed a co-op so they could offer their creations directly to their customers in this type of friendly setting. We now have nearly 55 members, and continue to enjoy being an important part of Downtown Midland.

What makes us different?

We specialize in unique.... Everything in our store is the handmade creation of one of our Michigan artists. The majority of these works are one of a kind, and we try very hard to keep our pieces new and fresh. 
Caveat:  Because so many items are unique, please don't be disappointed if the exact item shown on this site has been sold before you get here!  Look around for something just as wonderful.

Why don't we sell online?

See caveat above... 
The task of maintaining an up-to-date online inventory is virtually impossible given the number and variety of items in our store. Hope you can get to Midland soon!
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